Exposed Aggregate Driveways

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Exposed Aggregate Driveways

The most versatile and great concrete type that will suit all sorts of functions and titled as the ‘king of all driveway materials’ as it has been proven and trusted by Australian homeowners and business establishments owners.

What is exposed concrete?

Exposed Aggregate for driveways’ surfaces is commonly used by residential owners here in Ipswich because it is such a great fit for modern houses that they have. Aside from homeowners, there are also plenty of business establishments owners who prefer to have an exposed aggregate driveways’ surfaces as it is very practical to have and perfect for their budget.

The most flexible material

One of the most practical types of driveway you can choose is exposed aggregate as it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This type of concrete surface has a smooth finish after it has been poured in the ground. It has been labelled an as exposed aggregate as it has an expose its concrete mixture with stones and pebbles on it to make it a sophisticated surface.

Aggregate’s function is to create grip for passing vehicles and designed for outdoors and perfect as driveways. This type of concrete surface will also provide you enough selection for the finishing touches such as the quality of the stones and the amount that you want to be exposed on your concrete surfaces. Reason why this is designed for long-lasting purposes is because you can also have refined this type of concrete surface in the future if you desire for a new look.

As what you notice, an exposed aggregate concrete surface is also commonly used in pools and outdoor entertaining areas. Reason for this is that exposed aggregate concrete surfaces are resistant to all weather conditions including all heaviness of vehicles. Aside from its sturdiness, it also has a sophisticated and decorative exterior reason why many people preferred to have it installed in their driveways and for all sorts of concrete surfaces.


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Final Touch Options

Water wash

This kind of final touch involves spraying water on the mortar surface to expose aggregate and this technique doesn’t require chemicals but a simple water spray and brushing the surfaces to give it appealing and breathtaking effects. A typical exposed aggregate with long-lasting durability and designs.


If the previous final touch uses a spray of water to expose the aggravate, this one uses sandblasting to expose the aggregate after it has been hardened. A perfect method in achieving even vertical and sharp surfaces. However, this might have a limited pigment and can even end up with a dull look.

Pavilion finish

This type of final touch uses an acid solution to remove the cover and expose around the aggregate fluctuating depth. Though before the application of the acid solution, its surface needs to be ground first to give it a non-slippery feature and a better-quality surface.

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